After some time I write new post and this is first in English. I think there is nothing special about what I can write. Only one quiet nice things. I have new bike (Merida Glide 5S) and now I can make trip to more place then before.

Riding on bicycle is good way to save money and also time because buses here in City isn’t something with you can count. I’m rinding to work and I can save about 20 minutes and $6.60.  This is photo of my bike on Clovelly beach near place where I’m working.

I have picked up this bike in shop on Woy Woy. It’s far from City, but there is beautiful place to visit. I have only about hour to take look around, but I love this place. It take me about hour and 15 minutes to get there. It’s a pity, but I have another plan for Friday and on Saturday morning we’re going to Canberra and from there to Snowy Mountains. As title says our primary target is to humble the peak on Mt Kosciuszko – the highest peak of Australia.

Against first plan we make this trip on back-country ski. It’s for me new experience because I use this kind of ski for first time. But it’s good place to start with them. Actually I don’t use classical ski for a long time. But I’m better in them after every fall. What’s more we was going down from peak. That’s something what I could have on my mind for long time.

By the way I saw a lot of many different kind of kangaroos. One of them I nearly smash by car. This trip means for me my first 1,200 km on Australians road. At start is strange to driving on the left side of the road and changing gear by left hand, but I get this skills fast. It’s interesting than this kangaroos lives in this highs and temperatures. First place were we spend a night is quiet cold.

Ours way continues to another big city – Melbourne, where we have to return the car. After that we make a little tour in Melbourne CBD. Back to the Sydney we flight by plane in premium tourist class with Virgin Blue (thanks to good luck). All this trip is wonderful, probably couldn’t be better. We have perfect weather, traveling without complication. Just perfect trip.

I have nearly to forget make a notice about car. We have making relocation of this car and for this reason we pay only $5 per day and we also get $110 for fuel. If you would like to make some cheap trip there, just have a look to  this web.

My pictures you could find on my album. Now there is also pictures from my travelmates.