Today I come from work earlier and I feel that I could write something new. Now in the time when my hands still smells after beer I wrote this post.  In this time I start unusually from the newest occasions and than I write something about New Year’s Eve feast.

Today was end of Ashes fifth test day which is competition in cricket between Australia and England if I get it right. Aussies lost three from four matches for 151 points (for the first time in history). That all happened in front of approximately 18.000 spectators from this you could get that we have been busy to satisfy all of them. On the cricket was best seller beer which is not usually as popular.

Besides I start again in school where instead of preparation to IELTS – International English Language Testing System I have again general English but they put me into Intermediate one level back than I was finished before but teacher is good and I like his class for that reason I’m staying. Well, tempo of class is slower than I need but anyway I get some refresh about grammar in nice way.

Ohňostroj na Coogee

And now I could write about my New Year’s Eve celebration. At the end I have been with my friend and we made big new year walk . We started at Coogee where was from 9:30 fireworks for families and you could saw it from the beach. Real Aussie idyll on the beach in shorts with astonishing fireworks which made good impression to me. Above this paragraph is picture from this fireworks.

From Coogee we went to Rose Bay from where we would like to watch on midnight firework in harbor but we come to Double Bay where we found great place on small beach where was just few people and we could see Harbor Bridge and Opera house. Anyway after couple of minutes fireworks we can’t see them for huge clouds of smoke.

I read that it was the biggest celebration of New Year on the world it was possible thanks to great place for this celebration – Sydney harbor. The fireworks was really amazing, huge and stunning but actually little short. All could be around 12 minutes and I felt little disappointed after end maybe next time council should made just one long huge fireworks instead of two short. Truly I enjoy more Coogee fireworks even if it wasn’t so stunning or maybe from that reason.

Nepořádek ve městě

And from Double Bay we walked to the City where we going against masses. Everywhere was a lot of crowded garbage bins and rubbish everywhere. Also fast foods are crowded but overall there was nothing interesting than I turn to home and have been in bed around five in the morning. All feast was for me without alcohol but I can not say that I missed it.