After long time I’m writing new post to my blog because i have few minutes to describe what’s happened in last few months. However I’m back at home in Czech and now I’m looking for a job. The reasons why I didn’t write anything for so long is that I haven’t done nothing special for few weeks and than I didn’t had a time. I was just working and studying for three months.

Anyway thanks to my work with computer repair I have been in many places in the City and surrounding suburbs. I’ve visited also beautiful part named Balmain where are some really nice parks and great view as you can see on the picture below.  I like this part a lot.

Later I visited with my friend another amazing place south of Sydney – Kiama. We get there by train (it took approximately two hours) and than we headed to see Blow Hole which is probably main attraction of this place. This Blowing Hole isn’t alone there they have smaller one which perform even better in normal condition. On the picture below you can see how it’s all works and also how it’s looks like during storm. When we were there they had market which is held fortnightly and it’s really nice one and around are wonderful beaches where is not many people. Just another beautiful day which worth all the cost (actually just $10.80 for return ticket :-)).

And finally the end of my studies in Australia come and Tasmania journey began. The first thing I should mention is that week in Tasmania is not enough even if is such small compare to Australia and I’d got more places on my list which I want to see. In the National Parks surrounded by astonishing nature beauty are tracks for few days and also outside of parks are great places.

Přístav v Hobartu

Port in Hobart

We did there just simple circuit where I tried to put as much interesting places as possible. For whole trip we had brand new Kia Sportage rented from Hertz. We started at Hobart, the biggest and the capital city of the island and the sixth state. The city is amazing as we saw as well from Mt Wellington where you can get by car in half an hour and get this nice view of the whole city and great part of coast. There are no skyscrapers or anything what can damage city panorama. It’s also the second oldest city in Australia. From there we drove to north into Mt Field National Park where we saw at night glowing worms grotto and some of beautiful waterfalls, trees and lakes and we spent there our first cold night in the mountain. Also we met there couple of Czech whose left the Czech Republic many years ago. After visiting lake up in the mountain we headed north to beautiful lake St Claire and few other where we spent next night in bad camp (the worst one which we visited there) and because there was still great weather the night was quiet cold (around two degrees).

Than we passed through peculiar mining city of Qeenstown and up to Cradle Mountain National Park. Here in nice Big 4 camp we spent another night surrounded by Wallabies and in the morning we went for a walk which for me and Mark mean trek to Mt Cradle and for rest of our group visiting wildlife park. During our way up were clouds everywhere but after a lunch at summit we had clear view to all directions. Whole circuit took us approximately five hours without hurry and an hour rest at summit.

Me pointing on Mt Cradle

Next day we did the longest distance, from this camp we drove to George Town  through some nice wine yards, around north coast down to St Helens where they have another nice Big 4 camp with jumping pillow.

Zahrada v Port Arthur

Then in next days we continued around cost to south and visited Freycinet peninsula with oyster testing and Wineglass Bay (according to their information one of the top ten beaches in the world) and then Tasman peninsula where we spent a night in camp close to Port Arthur. In the morning we went into Port Arthur Historic Site where they keeping some convict history of that place but my friends did not enjoyed this exposition and they had problems to understand our guide (it’s true that he spoke fast and with Aussie accent). Our las night we had in the Hobart camp close to airport. In the map below I highlighted our trip at this magnificent island.