Let me continue where last post finished. Now I have pictures from my friends of ours trip to Snowy Mountains. Actually I thinking about new post las week, but at the end I didn’t find energy to write it. Today is cold and windy and that give me great opportunity to write new post. This is second version because I lost one.

Last week of my holidays has been also last holiday week for children here in New South Wales. And during holidays we have vacation care program for all day. That mean I could work more and earn more money, but also i have less time for another things. However I have same days off and thanks to good weather conditions I could make two bigger trips on my bicycle. On first one I went to Middle Head, where I haven’t been before.

Fotka mesta z Middle head

There is Taronga Zoo, but I didn’t went inside, because I have another plans and directions. And I don’t have to regret. Part around cost is mostly part of Sydney Harbor National Park and there is not allowed to riding on bicycle. For this reason I have to make some detours. There is more places with parts of old fortifications and more on north newer parts of fortification system. The purpose of cannons was protecting entrance to Sydney Harbor. But there is a lot of beautiful nature places and amazing lookouts. It’s possible to get there by bus, but you have to find a bus stop, wait for bus and paid for it. It’s easier to hop on bike and get there.

Second trip went me to the North Head which is little bit far away. Here you could find system of fortification and observations points. Also this part belong to Sydney Harbor National Park. There is some Museum of Artillery, but entrance cost about $20 and from outside don’t looks like interesting, that I decide to don’t go inside.

Tee Tree

You could find there Tee Tree and i have to take a picture of this (everybody know tee-tree oil). The lookouts are absolutely amazing and because was nice weather I met there a few another people. On Manly beach was much more people. And because weather still looks fine to me I was riding far to north. I was finished on Ling Reef Point, where I have to turn back because I saw the dark clouds and which promise rain. On the road back I got wet, but I saw a nice Tatra T603 with registration plate which show origin of this car (it contains letters CZE).

Next time I would like to ride more to north up to Palm Beach, but I have to wait until I have little bit more time and energy. All of this week I had to go to school and after school I went to work. My class is great and I met there few people which I know from another course.

Another good new is they give me a job in Sydney Cricket Ground and now I could save some money for traveling. On Monday I will have paid training and they tell me what exactly I have to do. And I get my first money from my business.