Now I have some time to complete rest of my post in Czech and write them as well in English. For that reason I start from the end. On 6.11. I have been on Red Bull Race to have a look on live. It’s race who could fly longer on they handmade flying machine. I’m not sure if I describe all correctly but true is that in TV it’s looks more interesting than on live.

On the way to the place where race is – Domain, I made short stop on Government House inside of Royal Botanic Garden. A security guy told me that they use this house for one Harry Potter movie. And in front of  observatory was parked beautiful old Bentley. All photos you could find in my gallery which is linked on the end of this post. In the next week I bought a new camera because I missed some nice pictures when I don’t have my old one with me. From this time most of my pictures come from Sony DSC-TX5. I want to write revision of this camera than you could make your own picture about this first thought camera from Sony.

Sydney Panorama

I made my first pictures by this camera close to place where I lived – Pyrmont and I made some nice panorama pictures with this camera and few new pictures of the City in the night. Also I have been on the weekend in Blue Mountains and because there are some construction works on the railroad it took me more than three and half hour to get there and I have to change train three times. In this my expedition I visited Katoomba,  the most known city in the mountains where goes most of the tourist which want to visit that place. Around is most of the resort attraction and you can hop on bus which could take you around in shorter time.

Three Sisters

Anyway because I’m hiker I went everywhere by my own foot. I reset here from the hectic Sydney life and saw a a great rain during sunset. I made a video from my walk and as well from this rain. I would like to put it there tomorrow. But it isn’t my last visit there it’s amazing and huge piece of Australia with many interesting location. And there are some cave and treks for more days. I need just time and some friends to made more bushwalking there.

On Thursday I saw lighting up of Christmas tree on  the Marins Place and small fireworks to celebrate starts of Christmas time and on Sunday they made beautiful fireworks in Darling Harbor just because they want point out this place. I made another video which you could find in newer post. My new camera can made some nice video.

And as well I changed my address I hope that is for las time. Now I live nearly on the end of Kingsford and it’s close to Maroubra Junction to the beach and to both my work as well. And what is the bes I have my own room with a lot of storage place for my stuff. My house mates aren’t the cleanest person which I met but I learn how to live with them and they style. Is true that I have to clean sometimes after themselves but I can live with it. Now there are promised photos, enjoy them.