Because I haven’t written anything for 14 days I going to write some more now. Not much has happened anyway – just work, school and finding a new place to stay. After a month’s looking I finally found what I was I looking for.

While I was looking for a place to stay I went past some nice beaches and below there is a picture of a Maroubra. My new place is in a house in Kingsford so now I’m closer to the sea and to work. And at last I’ve got a room to myself.

hope my new place and my housemates turn out to be ok. Now I’m really looking forward to Saturday when I’m going on trip which a friend and I have planned for a long time.

The trip involves a 26 kilometre bushwalk from Otford to Bundeena. The track’s called the Coast Walk and although the directions weren’t very good we didn’t lose our way. On the net it was described as a two day trek but for an experienced walker you could do it in one day as long as you started early in the morning. We did meet some people with big backpacks who must started after lunch and hoped to reached North Era beach (pictured below) to camp for the night.

I won’t bore you with the details of the walk but if you’re interested look it up on the net. It took us about seven hours, but we weren’t hurrying. We just wore sandals which were good enough for this track.

It is possible to start this trip from the other end by taking a ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena which runs very early and there are more trains. We would like to do this again and take our swimming stuff with us and stop on every beach. It’s definitely good idea to take enough water because although there are places to get water along the way it’s safer not to drink it. We saw a lot of dolphins which was awesome and a big school of fish. Apparently during winter you can also see whales. The weather was great and the views were amazing.

Well now I have a few more days at school and I’m looking forward to my holidays. Also I have training for my new job starting this month. Hopefully I can save more money so that I can see more places in Australia.