After some time I want to and have a time to write some news about my Australia adventure. I have been on the trip to south to have a look on Port Botany where is big harbor for huge cargo ships and nice places around. Ont he way I visited another head of the coast line and saw other suburbs of the Sydney.

As I mentioned on my last post I have been busy during last week because I worked in Care Center and on the weekend on Bon Jovi concert. I worked there as bartender and we have been busy nearly for all shift time and we finished work later. Our place wasn’t the best because our bar was on the place where we saw just City and sunset but not a stage but anyway sometimes I could see the concert for a while and finally I saw full the Sydney Football Stadium.

Kids here have now summer holidays and we have been with them on pool and Laser Tag which is really good fun and I think that is even better in large group as ours. The point is tag others with laser gun earlier then they do. The game runs in darkened place with many barriers and hideouts. I wasn’t the best in the tagging but I have the best accuracy and I was still enough for 4th position.

Well, I spent this Christmas in a little unusual way, I was working on 24th December but on breakfast I bought something what looks like really similar our traditional Christmas twist (it is not probably correct name but I forgot what was written on package) the difference was just sesame seeds on the top and for dinner I have homemade potato salad and fish fillet. That is similar what we usually have on Christmas in Czech and is nice to keep this tradition also here anyway next time I should use less potatoes to made this salad. And I don’t have to bought presents for anyone else than me because is nonsense to send them back. I still don’t get any Christmas card from home but I think that is because weather in Europe is good that I sent all of them in advance ans my family already have them.

Here in Australia they celebrate Christmas like in USA. For them is Christmas day 25th December with presents in the morning and traditional lunch is with turkey and pudding. Or many people goes to parks around sea and make on a barbecue many things. I went to Krunell and National Park Botany Bay on my bicycle because I want to see this place where I tried walk before but I don’t get there but it is not the best idea. In park is forbidden to ride on bicycle but it even isn’t possible on most cases because is not popular for people and footpaths are overgrown by bush vegetation. Maybe should be better come here from Cronulla from train but path would be probably used frequently as well. People here usually don’t walk much, most of them use cars and then walk just little bit far from their car.

And 26th December (here is named as Boxing Day) when start shopping spree because in most shops starts after Christmas sales with bargains I went to north to the Palm Beach. Thanks to bad morning weather there was just few people but when I arrived there the sun start shining and made really nice atmosphere. It is really beautiful piece of the coast, paradise should looks like this place. There is nice old lighthouse on the hill and around it many of a overgrown footpaths to cliffs with amazing view to landscape. You could get there by bus which goes every 20 minutes but it take about two hours.

I don’t get here any Christmas feeling because it was for me first Christmas without my family anyway I have a super time and I have now one completely free week. It’s true that the weather wasn’t perfect but it was good to have week off. In next week my course in school start again also I have first shift in Sydney Cricket Stadium where is Ashes fifth test day. I hope that my attendance in school doesn’t fall down much.

For today is enough,more next time…