After some time I found enough to write about. I have some new experiences which I would like to share with you.

Well, I believe that is not necessary to describe the floods in Queensland because all of you saw a lot about them at TV. But many people from the Czech Republic asked me if I’m ok because information about the floods in our news wasn’t perfect. Despite it being the biggest nature disaster in Australian history, people keep their humanity and sense of humor. It was really nice to see all this in news.

Anyway, because I worked also during my school course my attendance went down a little but still it’s fine. And thanks to my work I have been on Harbor Bridge Pylon Lookout from there is really nice view to everything around and picture of the City below was taken right there.

Then here is picture from cricket match Australia vs. England at Sydney Cricket Ground, so you can make a picture about how it’s looks like and how many people come to see a cricket match. Cricket here is one of the most popular sport and you could meet a lot people whose can spend all day just watching on it at TV.

And my freshest experience on Wednesdays Australia Day which is national public holiday. So it’s quiet new holiday but it’s connected to date when first settlers from England arrived in Australia and they started Australian history as a part of commonwealth. They celebrate this event everywhere, but traditional for Aussies is some barbecue with friends. But prepared program for celebrations in the City was nice, part of them you can see on my pictures but I saw just small piece and having  super time there.

Vyzdobená loď z přehlídky

At first I have been sun-kissed during vessel parade in Sydney Harbor where I was with two friends. We watched it from Opera and then we went to have a look at historic cars which were displayed close to Hyde Park in the City. After that we moved to the Darling Harbor where they checked all bags because it was alcohol free zone and I couldn’t bring anything alcoholic inside in glass but inside was test of wine from local winery Yellow Tail where we stopped approximately an hour and than we just ran through National Maritime Museum.

Stage in Darling Harbor

And we finished this beautiful day in Pirrama Park, where was nice jazz music and great atmosphere and because this place wasn’t close to main roads there was less people and most of them were locals families. At the end there were a fireworks in Darling Harbor but I didn’t stayed to this one because I didn’t have my light with me and for that reason I tried to get home before sunset. Also whole area was overcrowded with people and it’s even difficult get thought.

I think that is all because otherwise I was just in school or work.