Frankly speaking I cannot say there are many things I can write about since last post. I have moved as I wrote before and I’m getting used to the new place. So far I’m totally satisfied and it would be hard to find something better for $450 which will suite both of us.

Because I work here five to six days a week I don’t have much time for other thing so let me say something about my work. I’m working over a month as Porter at Irish pub Mahony & Sons where I help with bar preparation and other things while opening, food running, cleaning tables, taping kegs and many other duties but I believe this list gave you an idea what is this job about. There is usually some other guy working as the Porter and during rush hours it could be up to five people like me then there are two bartenders about 10 servers, four hostess and approximately 12 people in kitchen so there is quite a lot of people working there and our license is for about 500 people. As I said before it is really nice place and everyone is friendly and nice and as for a wage I got an industry standard $10.25 (minimal wage in Canada) an hour and then some percentage on tips. In first two weeks and three days when I had a training I’ve earned something above a thousand dollars so I can easily earn here enough for living and save something at the same time as my expenses should not go over a thousand as the prices and cost of living about the same as Sydney or maybe a bit cheaper.

In July and August I have been over that as I bought new laptop (there will be a special post about that one since there is so far no review of it on the Internet) and also I’m considering to change mine mobile plan as those unlimited plans are not for me. Now I have a card from Wind where I pay $30/month and have included unlimited calls over British Columbia, SMS and mobile Internet. However, it is nice to be on-line everywhere I take my phone I guess my real usage of this somewhere below $5 if I cut data which is not a big deal as there is a plenty of free hot-spots or I’m thinking about VoIP with some data plan only as you can get one of those starting at $10/month.

Since last article I have been just on two hikes/trips one headed to Norven Falls and the second to Coliseum Mountain where I have seen for a first time black bear in nature environment eating some blueberries. It was nice to see him in a distance and also to see that those signs everywhere are not joking and those animals are not that rare here.

09 – Vylety kolem