Time is flowing like a water and I’d realized that it will be soon third month since I started this Canadian journey and even though I work quite lot it does not bother me at all and I still feeling this holiday mood (that’s why probably those visa are called working holiday 🙂 ). It’s now more relaxed and quiet as there aren’t any more cruise ships coming to Burrad Landing and we get busy only during events in Convention Centre or party in the pub.

Since last month you can see that fall is here as trees are having amazing colors and morning temperatures are usually around five or six degrees. Also the rain is more often but still there are many beautiful sunny days when I’m enjoying this great autumn. Not only that here in Vancouver are breathtaking mountains so close to the city but also they have here many big parks where you can easily forget that you are living at a such city since you feel like to be somewhere at country. One example is park around Deer Lake.

Deer Lake

Due to my experience I reckon this is probably English style of cities because even if they grown and are large they keep some connection with nature and they keeps many big parks or other intact areas for relaxing. You could see here around many squirrels, birds but also skunk or coyote when you walk in some park or close to them or seals fishing at Burrad Inlet or salmons in Capilano River. I like that not only they use the nature but also protect it and well maintain.

I do enjoy those beauty around and great days and that’s the reason I haven’t written anything earlier or done other things I should but everyone is saying that rainy days are coming so I don’t want to waste any of those sunny days.