Because I wouldn’t like to improve my English, there is another post about my Australian life. I’m still looking for some another accommodation and for this reason I have been on few place to have a inspection. But I don’t find what I looking for. Maybe I expecting to much :-). And because in Sunday was beautiful weather, so we went to beach.

Celkový pohled na Coogee Beach

The sun was shinning and could be about 28 degrees. Sea wasn’t been warm, but it was enough to swimming. Also you should stay for a while without moving. And there is some small festival with music and few stands.

On the way back to my home I was visit the Queens Parke, where I have a look on boulder place. The place is nice, but could be better to visit it in the morning, because there is too much sun light on afternoon.

Bouldrovací místo v Queens Park

By the way from this place I thinking about ride around huge Centennial Park. However here on the road under one tree which has cones with quiet long and hard spikes and parts of this cones with spikes was on the road. And because I have only thin road tires in the moment I have pierced both my tubes. Than I make good walk to home and went out to buy pump and some tube repair kit. Thanks to K-Mart I bought all this stuff and don’t spend fortune.

At the week I have been 2 days in work, in this case but for full day, because kids has a 14 days holidays and we have a vacation care. On a program at the Thursday is rock climbing in St Peters climbing center. Something like this they should build in Ostrava.

On Saturday I have been on another interview and we’ll if they select me for this job. And today in the rainy weather I went with my camera to the oldest part of Sydney – The Rocks. And thanks to weather there is only few people. I think most of them are Australians.

Trhy v Rocks

As every Sunday there is market where you could bought many things. But the goods are more for tourist and some things you should use as a gift. But it’s magic part of the city. One day I have to go to this streets with camera after sunset.

All my pictures are again under this post, but I still don’t have pictures from our trip to Melbourne.