I hope that the title describe about what is this post. Because it’s looks to me that sometimes someone comes here than I could stop use this just like my diary. For this reason I would try write more about life here in this post and next as well.

I don’t think that life here is a lot of different there is just better weather and people here could usually get more for they wage than in Czech. And you could see here stronger  influence of United States of America in culture.  The one example from all could be the preparation for Christmas you could see strange Christmas tree and house decoration. But here in Sydney is a little bit difficult to meet Australians because here live many different nations and many of them was born all over the world but not in Australia.

Výzdoba domu jako v USA

Anyway in title I mentioned incoming Christmas and for that reason you could see everywhere decorations (even some buses have decorations and their drivers wearing Santa’s hat) and events which should attract people to shopping centers. Here is video from Darling Harbor which was made to attract people to Harborside shopping center three Sunday in line.

Another free day I used to visit Blue Mountains and because I didn’t made this trip alone than we could visit place which is more far from popular tourist destination, the Ruined Castle it’s not a castle but formation of rocks from which is amazing view to all directions and because you can’t get here by car and you have to walk a couple of hours it’s more quiet place. Simply it’s great place to escape from the city and for lunch with breath taking view.

We couldn’t hope for better weather. This time I have less pictures because we went through similar place which I visited in my first trip and I don’t need to make some pictures again. There is video from my first bushwalking which I promised before.

Then on Wednesday I worked for first time on Sydney Football Stadium in match between Sydney FC and Wellington Pheonix. I was finished before end of the match and as I just found on the internet Sydney won this match 3:1 when I finished my work in 80 minutes of match it was 1:0. The atmosphere was nice but weather wasn’t good it was raining for all time of match and all people were under roof. I worked as a cashier in food court behind gate of home team but I realized that I don’t enjoy just watching on live as well. In the few of my free moments I looked for customers or talk with my colleagues more then watch for football.

Also I repaired two computers and bought monitor and keyboard thanks to that I don’t have to use small one which have my laptop. Anyway I could be able to get back money which I put into start my business with computer repair and this is good enough for me.