In several miles from Death Valley we reached the Sin City – Las Vegas. We had booked a night in hotel El Cortez near Fairmont Avenue. Since there are many hotels in the city you can get a nice room for great price so we chose to pay once for our lodging and found this hotel on It was just past some festival which closed many streets around our hotel so we circled around before we figured out how to park in their parking lot. Once we put our things into our room we went for a walk in the city. I have to say it was way more interesting in the night with all the lights. I have to say that one day for us there was enough as we didn’t played in any casino. So after lunch we went to laundry and cinema and then headed out of the city. We reached Hoover Dam just before closure so we checked it in the night and then went to desert to find some place to sleep. In the morning we returned back again and saw it during a light as well. I think that it has to be the most famous dam in US as it played in many movies.

Las Vegas

The road then took us to Grand Canyon where we walked around south rim and planned to get up earlier next day and hike down to Colorado river and back. We were lucky that it wasn’t too hot there any more so we made it down in less then two hours, took a dip in the river. To hike back up to the rim took us longer but still we made good time. Once we reached the rim we took a road which goes around it checked ruins of old puebloans village and slept out of park. Next day we reached north rim of the Canyon and once we checked it we went on our way to Zion Canyon.

Grand Canyon

At Zion we hiked to Hidden Canyon (it was really nice there) and then went to see a bit of the Narrows, after that we visited the museum and left the park for night to get closer to our next destination.

This destination was Bryce Canyon and the structures called butte which nature created here made us wonder many times and it’s really amazing how many different shapes it created here. Even though the weather wasn’t so good and we get some showers it did created amazing contrast with skies and surroundings. We have found that the shuttle buses does not operate now as it’s already off-season so we went for hike recommended to us visitor centre and hiked a loop from Sunrise to Sunset point.

Bryce Canyon

Also I managed here to lock my car with all keys inside so I used for a first time by CAA Premiere membership which I get before going to the journey as my friend talk me to it. So after some 45 minutes locksmith showed up and open a car for us for free as it is included in my membership. Even after this experience I still consider the Bryce Canyon which is not really a canyon the most beautiful of those big three canyons and you can find below a lot pictures from there.